Songs written & composed with others.

In a recent winter season in Mexico I got together with a new team to write & record music. We called ourselves Playdate; Randal & Meralon Drader, my partner Brenda Reid & myself. We wrote, produced & recorded everything in Randal & Meralon's home studio in Barra De Navidad & here's what we ended up with. Brenda's doing the singing here.
This is Chanelle Walker. A few years ago we collaborated on a song that she brought to me in the rough which we then went on to work out & record in my studio. I think Chanelle is pure country. She's a talented song writer, I love her voice & the song is called That's It.
Meet Briiza Ciielo Rodrigz. She's 13 years old & lives in La Manzanilla Mexico. I was introduced to her this summer by her mother who was our maid for 6 months. Briiza loves music & loves to sing so I asked her to pick out one of her favourite songs to put down a vocal to. She chose the song "Salvame" (Save Me) by a Latin group called RBD. I'm hoping to write my 1st Spanish song with Briiza soon. I think she has a very emotive & expressive voice that's full of potential.

*Salvame is song by RBD that we are covering & under no circumstance will we be attempting to commercialize it.